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'Tis the season... that Mariah Carey and Michael Bublé twinkle from sound systems in stores nationwide and we get a hankering to watch Love Actually for the 12th time and counting.

Yes, it's Christmas! That wonderful time of year when we celebrate the people we love most in the world.

You can still have fun at Christmas without even having to get to the shops!

This year at Joyable we're flipping the script. We're making Christmas giving easier, possibly cheaper, and definitely waaaaaaaay less stressful.

We're doing this by sharing our joyolicious platform, Joyable is a fast, safe, easy and secure payment gateway that enables you, your family and friends to collaborate to buy just one gift for each person. It can be used for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and of course, Christmas to buy any gift in the whole wide world!!!!!!!!!

Yes... anything! Just look at what our Joyable founder Belinda ask from her family for her Sagittarius birthday and Christmas combined:

Belinda's fabulous Xmas adventure!

At Joyable, because we LOVE our planet just as much as you do, we've turned our heads towards gifts that are great for us, our family and friends, and the environment with 3 top trends sweeping the globe.

Instead of a mountain of plastic gifts, ask gran and pop and all the aunties to contribute to horse riding lessons!

1. Give fun experiences that create happy memories!

Happiness researchers have found that spending money on positive experiences, rather than more and more stuff, makes us happier and increases our sense of well-being.

But those experiences can still be things, just perhaps things that enable people to spend more time with others enjoying amazing shared experiences.

In New Zealand with summer on our doorstep, we reckon that some of the best gifts for little and big kids could be anything from boogie boards, skateboards, surfboards and boogie boards to bikes, trikes, scooters, skateboards, trampolines, and pretty much anything your imagination can think of!

But to kickstart your thinking, the Big Life Journal's 50 Experience Gift Ideas is a (Christmas) cracker!

2. Eco friendly gifts that make lives better!

We love that there are so many eco friendly brands to choose from. From fab sustainable, values-based brands with durable clothing, sportswear, accessories and homewares that give back to its workers and the environment, to planting trees and even adopting a wild pet!

Here are a couple of ideas to kickstart your thinking:

If you or the person you're choosing for wants to be part of building a better world, we're all about it!

How about rescue a pet this Christmas?

3. Create personalised items people will treasure forever!

What do you give the person who really does have everything? How about get creative with a quirky gift they'll love and keep forever or a subscription that gives them a burst of pleasure all year long.

Joyable is perfect when the family pools their funds together together to purchase just one fabulous, meaningful statement gift or subscription box that will create a mountain of happiness along the way!

Here are just a few of our faves:

  • Immortalise your dog in a renaissance portrait at Crown & Paw
  • Make your kids the hero of their own book at Wonderbly
  • Get utterly adorable, handcrafted family caricatures on beautiful mugs made to last a lifetime at Uncommon Goods

Make your Christmas better for you and better for our environment! Take a peek at how you can use Joyable to buy someone special their dream gift without anyone even having to hit the shops this Christmas!