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Birthday parties are a great way to celebrate your kids' favorite things. Chances are, their tastes will change from year to year, so these annual events are a great way to memorialize what they enjoy right now.

Almost every child has a season where they love, well, the daintier things in life. So if your kiddo can't get enough ribbons, frills and pixie dust, we've got some adorable ideas to make their birthday one for the books!

Fairytale Party

Whether its Peter Pan, Cinderella or something they wrote themselves, bring your kid's favorite fairytale into the real world.

You can either tell guests to come in their favourite fairytale garb, or provide dresses and accessories when they arrive (there are many shops that rent costumes out for  birthday parties and events, or you can check out your local party store).

A fairy dance party, wand-making station and glittery, pixie-dust cupcakes are some ways to make this party a storybook-perfect affair.

Vintage Tea Parties

What is daintier than a tea party? We daresay nothing comes close! Pick out some flowery, vintage teacups from your local thrift store and set the table with your fanciest wares for this is an elegant occasion!

Play delicate, classical music and provide old-timey hats and jewelry for your guests to wear during the tea. Also remember, the key to any great tea party is to think small. Mini desserts and finger sandwiches (no crusts!) will bring this pinkies-up party to the next level.

Pony Party

Every kid loves a pony ride, so this birthday party is sure to be a real crowd-pleaser. Research mobile farmyards in your area for companies that can bring a pony to you or take a field trip to your local petting zoo.

Complete this theme with horse-shaped cookies, a lassoing contest and a pretty pony coloring station. There are even some farms that will let you draw on the horses with colorful, animal-safe markers!

These kinds of experiences are worth so much more than a toy that "won't be cool anymore, mum" in six months. They're the memories that will last a lifetime. So if hiring a horse feels like a bit of a splurge, consider using Joyable to help fund the event in lieu of presents.

Trip to the Spa Party

This party can be done at home or at a nail salon, depending on your budget! The important elements are lots of nail polish colours to choose from, something fizzy to sip and, of course cucumbers for the eyes. (We know they don't actually do much, but would it really be a spa day without them?)

Pamper your birthday kiddo and their guests with manicures and face masks in what is sure to be the most rejuvenating party they've ever enjoyed. This is a great party to turn into a sleepover, so that the night can be finished out with a fun movie and popcorn!

Dream Dress Party

If your kid is on the craftier side, they will love this opportunity to use their creativity.

For this party, you should buy a few roles of fun, colorful fabric, scissors and safety pins. Then, when the guest arrive they can each design and create their own unique dream dress (or outfit). When they're finished, host a fashion show where all the kids can show off their new frocks.

Make sure to promote an atmosphere of teamwork, and kindness so that everyone leaves feeling good about their own creation.

However you choose to celebrate your dainty-loving birthday star, remember that its not about the perfect cake or a flawless event. It's all about that smile at the end and the memories they'll never forget.

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