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Whether it's high school, college or puppy training, getting to graduation day is hard work. So if you're looking for a way to celebrate a recent grad in your life (at least the human kinds) we've got some great gift ideas for you to explore.


A nice piece of jewellery can become a staple in your graduates life. It's best to go with something classic and simple that they can wear as they enter their "next phase" (a new school, interviews or a first job).

Not only does jewellery last a long time, it can serve as a reminder of their accomplishments.  


After countless hours of studying, testing and stress-eating, you graduate will love the chance to get away and unwind. This is a great gift to collaborate on with family and friends. If everyone pitches in on Joyable, you'll get your grad to their dream destination in no time!

Not sure where to send your grad? With more than 17,500 islands, Indonesia is the perfect pick for graduates who've been cooped up in libraries for the last four years and are now ready to escape. One of the highlights of Indonesia is certainly Bali. With long days, hot weather, crystal clear waters, Bali is the perfect beach getaway.

Or join them on a road trip, for an adventure neither of you will never forget. Book an Airbnb somewhere off the beaten path and take your time getting there!

Have a party

When all else fails, it's never a bad idea to through your graduate a party. Celebrate their hard work with music, food and people they love. Family and friends can all pitch in using Joyable to create an amazing surprise party they won't soon forget.

At the end of the day, the graduates in your life will just be excited to have accomplished something great. Perhaps the greatest gift you can give them is the reminder to have some fun and enjoy themselves after months of hard work!