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Let's be honest, celebrating a birthday in isolation is probably not what you were expecting for you or your loved ones this April. But the great news is, Bubble Birthdays can be every bit as fun, memorable and exciting as ever, you may just need to get more creative.

Our Joyable founder Rochelle Sheldon is celebrating two Bubble Birthdays this April. Her daughter Sophie turned 12 last Saturday, and her son Cooper turns 9 this Saturday - two passionate, determined, fiery Aries. Thankfully they were not short of ideas for making their special days memorable and fun for everyone.

Sophie turned 12 on Saturday

Sophie had the family wear their favourite PJs and watch a movie as a family together, and Cooper is having  a ‘backwards day’ where they have dessert and dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner.

Thanks to being able to use Joyable for friends and family who couldn't buy what they wanted online or head to the shops, Sophie was able to get contributions towards a horse camp (🤞) in July, and Cooper is saving to go to Laser Strike when lockdown is lifted.

By using Joyable, everybody was able to send heartfelt messages and spend less but give more, and there are two very happy kiddies because of it!

Here are a couple of our ideas for how to celebrate April birthdays by connecting with others with joy and love!

Everyone's birthday

  • Create a surprise phone or video call hour! Organise in secret a schedule with your friends to call the birthday boy or girl in 10 minute intervals so they feel a flurry of love and attention from their mates. Get them all the dress up too to bring the party atmosphere!
  • Walk around the block and pick wild flowers growing in all the nooks and crannies and make a cute, wild small bouquet.
  • Make homemade cards.
  • Have a lunch time party picnic and invite everyone to do the same and connect using Zoom, Google Hangouts or Messenger.
  • Enjoy a Zoom happy hour. No matter your age, set up a group call, dress up, and invite everyone to say something nice about the birthday girl or boy and share a group toast.
  • Play charades over Zoom, Google Hangouts or Messenger.
  • Create a video message montage from friends and family - they can share a lovely message or embarrassing moment, or all dance to the birthday boy or girl's favourite song
  • Set up your home as a restaurant for the evening. Create a menu, assign someone as the waiting staff, light candles, make a playlist of favourite tunes, make a beverage list, and dress up to make the whole experience like going out.
  • Have a pizza party where everyone makes their own pizza at home and you eat them together on group video chat.

Kiddies' birthdays

Explain to kids that this year’s birthday will be extra special and not every kid is lucky enough to have their birth in isolation. Invite them to participate in the ideas so they get to be part of the creativity (leaving some surprises!!!).

  • Do a Happy Birthday driveway or footpath drawing in chalk and if you can, ask neighbours to leave chalk messages too.
  • Take part in The Project's Isolation Games' events or create your own where everyone gets to set up a trick shot or challenge for each other and share videos of doing it.
  • Look for free online entertainment events all over the world, like Captain Fantastic’s free events on Facebook.
  • Set up a mass online Minecraft with the birthday person's besties.
  • Jump on Neighbourly and ask around for recommendations to book an online fairy or magician.
  • Ask neighbours to stand on the street to sing happy birthday.
  • Make homemade decorations like popcorn streamers, bunting using old magazines, and use white board markers on the windows to draw balloons, streamers and cute birthday messages.
  • Bake a cake the night before so it's a surprise on birthday morning.
  • Have a fancy dress using whatever you already have in your wardrobe.
  • Do a Lego challenge.
  • Have a family disco.

Big kids' birthdays

  • Have a funny hat conference call with your colleagues to break up the day.
  • Get dressed up and have a champagne breakfast or champagne afternoon tea and set up a Facebook invitation so everyone can join in.
  • Create an at home “pub crawl” with games in every room, like beer pong.

Whatever you do in your Bubble Birthday there's no doubt about it, it'll be remembered for a very long time!